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Stokes Lawrence : stokeslaw.com
Stokes Lawrence is a forward-thinking law firm that has served a varied group of businesses for over 30 years. From technology to agriculture, they always strive to be mindful of the big picture. Unfortunately their website had not kept up with technology and they were languishing in an expired design and a website that no longer met their needs on the internet of today. The website was rarely updated and had a stale look and feel.

I had a vision of making the Stokes Lawrence website a friendly, informative, and easily updatable online experience. I wanted them to be able to effortlessly manage their website and content, and have a design that was appealing and fresh.

I started with pulling in an award winning photographer, giving them guidance on the approachable and friendly photography that I was looking for. These photographs were key in my design vision. I then designed a clean and sparse homepage UX and UI around the imagery, with a focus to giving the user clear paths to key content such as practice areas and attorneys.

The client loved the initial comps. We moved forward with the child pages and into production with minimal design changes.

Home page before / after:

UX : Wireframes

Home page evolution:

Child pages:

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