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Rulesware : www.rulesware.com
Rulesware is an efficient and passionate leader in Business Process Management (BPM). They specialize in helping businesses streamline and manage their practices and processes. Their website though, was anything but streamlined. Content was difficult to update and organized haphazardly, the design was dated, and the website was missing key functionality to help their team be cohesive and informed.

I started with a reorganization of the content. Top tier nav items were condensed and the global messaging was evolved to better reflect the changes in the company over the last 10 years. After figuring out what was needed, what needed to be moved, and what needed to be dropped, I designed a clean home page with clear paths to the most accessed content. A private Team Portal was also built to allow the Rulesware team members in various locations around the world to share information, help other team members, and get informed on company happenings. This website was built on the Wordpress CMS for easy structure and content updating via the client after a quick training session.

Being accessible to all devices was a concern for the client, so the new Rulesware website was designed to be responsive from the start.

Home page before / after:

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Public website:

Team Portal:

Team Portal mobile:

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